Who are we?

Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital and the UCL Eastman Dental Hospital and Institute are joining up to launch an exciting new project to create the largest database of 3D facial images in the world. The information will be used by medical teams and researchers to treat patients who have to have facial surgery.

What will happen?

We will take 3D pictures of as many people as possible from all over the world to capture the variation that exists in faces. We will be using the latest three-dimensional technology at the best place to enjoy science. You will also get an opportunity to meet and talk to some of the specialists involved, ask them questions about your face, how you develop and grow and what is done in hospital for children or adults who need to have facial surgery.

Why do I look like me?

The way we grow and the genes we inherit from our parents determine what we look like. These genes contain DNA, which are like recipes. We inherit these ‘recipes’ and that is why you have similarities to your parents, brothers or sisters.¬†Sometimes these ‘recipes’ do not work properly and children are born with facial deformities. A large team of surgeons, medical doctors, dentists, nurses, speech and language therapist, hearing therapists, and psychologists all work together to treat and support children and adults in hospital. It may also be necessary for some people to undergo difficult and multiple surgeries to correct some of these problems.

How will my photo help?

We know a lot about the bones in your face but little is known about what makes your face the shape it is and about the skin and muscles that make up your face. By collecting 3D face photographs we will have a greater knowledge of our complex faces, and have greater knowledge to plan and perform the best facial surgery in the future.

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