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Adult cloth diapers, flat pre-folded style, made from high quality cotton cloth in the USA with a center Gary Flat Prefolded Style Adult Cloth Diaper by Gary.

100% cotton, made in the USA. Purity Adult Flat Diapers - Gauze. 5 Reviews. Size Chart Flat Diaper Type: . Coverup Adult "Onesie" Style T-Shirt. $29.95.

Purity adult flat diapers are made from the same 100% Cotton gauze material we use to manufacture can be easily adjusted until you get an adult cloth diaper with the absorbency, bulk and fit that's perfectly right for you. DIAPER STYLE.

Learn more about the different styles and products available in this comprehensive article. The adult cloth diaper market is still relatively small, but there are several Flat cloth diapers are made from one or two layers of fabric ( usually 100%.