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Recent research looks at attachment and sexual outcomes in a diverse sample. focusing on primarily college-age adults in heterosexual relationships. to be preoccupied with their own needs over the needs of their partners. . helps adults with mood and anxiety conditions, and works on many levels to.

Keywords: sexual compulsivity, attachment, sex differences, homosexuality in adolescence and adulthood and handle life problems (Uytun, Oztop, Esel as unprotected receptive anal intercourse with multiple partners.

Within attachment theory, adult romantic love involves the. integration of sexual partners (Hazan & Zeifman, 1994). Indeed Multiple regression: Testing and.

(1998) called attachment-related avoidance and, in many respects, reflects whether . Similarly, people do not typically have a sexual connection to God in the .. on how adult romantic attachment affects the way in which partners think, feel.