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Oral Prednisone Found to be Ineffective Against Bronchitis Symptoms bronchiolitis viral prednisone adult

Causes of acute bronchitis include viral or bacterial infections or chemical irritants. In adults, other viruses as well as some bacteria can cause . Prednisone is a common prescription medication that enhances the.

In this randomized trial of 401 adults with symptoms of acute lower respiratory tract with 1 US study reporting oral prednisolone use in 15% of adults without asthma with .. Uncomplicated acute bronchitis. Ebell MHR, Radke T. Antibiotic use for viral acute respiratory tract infections remains common.

severity and duration of symptoms in adult patients suffering from bronchitis. Because the infection is usually caused by a virus, antibiotics.

In this U.K. study, researchers evaluated 401 adults (mean age, 47; 17% Enrolled patients were randomized to oral prednisolone (40 mg daily for 5 LRTIs who are otherwise healthy and presumed to have viral bronchitis.