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A second major critique of Kohlberg's work was put forth by Carol Gilligan, in her In her view, the morality of caring and responsibility is premised in nonviolence , the adult, and hence engenders an intense set of concerns over inequalities.

Closely aligned with Carol Gilligan's view of moral development is Alasdair MacIntyre's (1984) perspective on virtue ethics. MacIntyre asserts that current ethical.

Gilligan's View of Identity and Moral Development Carol Gilligan (1982, 1988) Instead of remaining loyal to adult authority, individuals as they mature shift their .

The most famous opponent of Kohlberg is the feminist thinker Carol Gilligan who Its highest phase is a stage on which an adult human being . weight within the disciplines of psychology and education, in which .. opposed the view that a moral duty could sometimes exist in conflict with another moral.