Blackwater Detective Agency's $35K MeToo Settlement - detective harassment sexual


NYPD Tried To Silence Sexual Harassment Claims, BK Detective Says | Sunset Park, NY Patch detective harassment sexual

A Philadelphia police detective who said she endured years of sexual harassment and retaliation — including a near-miss from a supervisor's.

New York Police Department detective Victor Falcon and Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra are in the middle of an unsavory dispute and mess. They could.

A detective who claims his female boss stuffed her underwear into his mouth is now saying the NYPD is trying to silence the complaints by questioning his mental state. Falcon, a detective with the 72nd precinct in Sunset Park, had filed a complaint in October against Sgt.

Blackwater Protection & Detective Agency will pay $35000 and other relief to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Equal Employment.