Use of inhaled versus oral steroids for acute dysphonia - laryngitis viral prednisone adult


Adjuvant prednisone therapy in pharyngitis: a randomised controlled trial from general practice laryngitis viral prednisone adult

To determine if short-acting oral therapy with prednisone was more effective than the suffering from acute pharyngitis in adults in a general practice setting. . to increased viral replication are possible, but unlikely from single dose therapy.

However, here are no reports of its use in acute laryngitis in adults. of oral steroids (prednisone) in the treatment of dysphonia associated with acute laryngitis.

The most common etiology for acute laryngitis is an infectious source, usually a viral upper respiratory tract infection. In 1985, Schalen.

Studies were limited to adult populations and where possible included Acute laryngitis is commonly caused by infection (viral, bac- terial, or.