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What is a large-volume enema? A large-volume enema is a way of putting fluid into the rectum and lower intestine to empty stool (poop). It has more fluid than an .

An enema administration is performed using a flexible plastic rectal tube with Another type of enema, the oil retention enema, is prepared in a smaller volume and into the rectum toward the umbilicus (navel), 3–4 in (7.5–10 cm) for an adult. This will increase the water pressure to deliver the fluid higher into the bowel.

Tap water is commonly used for adults but should not be used for infants because A high enema, given to cleanse as much of the large bowel as possible, is usually administered at higher pressure and with larger volume ( 1,000 cc), and the.

To assess the efficacy and safety of soap suds enema (SSE) in the Soap suds enema (SSE) is a hypertonic solution that provides a large-volume and . often in adult patients with significant underlying medical conditions.