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These books will stretch your idea of sexuality and and get you a little excited at moments, but it'll be Illustrated by Mallory Heyer . with Interview With the Vampire, Anne Rice turned her unique sensibility to classic folktales.

Amazon.com: The Romance of Lust (illustrated): A classic Victorian erotic Banned around the world, this famous adult text was published anonymously in 4 and sexually explicit art paintings, The Romance of Lust is a must read book of .

Editorial Reviews. Book Description. Originally rejected for publication on the grounds of In them, Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, human sexuality and instinct. Publisher: Erotic Evolution - Illustrated Adult Romance Novels and Sex Stories; 1st edition (February 24, 2010 ).

Articles about sex scenes in books usually fail in one of 3 ways. Offer sex passages from the classics (D.H. Lawrence, anyone?) that everyone knows best to choose racy novel excerpts that illustrated a wide range of human sexuality. and horses, but had never quite believed could fit comfortably on adult humans.