10 Things That Will Make Mom's Breastmilk Go Sour (And 10 Ways To Sweeten It Up) - breast milk sweet


Breast milk? Sweet! A healthy infant gut starts with sugar! - USLCA breast milk sweet

The taste of breast milk is generally considered to be sweet and creamy with a pleasant flavor. However, when it comes to which flavors you like and don't like.

Your milk is sweet, powerful, and unique to you! Below are some things that can affect your breast milk's smell, taste, and appearance.

Most moms say breast milk smells like it tastes — like cows' milk, but milder and sweeter. Some say their milk sometimes has a “soapy” smell. (Fun fact: That's.

“Liquorice flavor peaked strongly in breast milk two hours after the that dark candy or other sugary sweet or treat that some seem to crave the.