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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Man's Dick in His Pants how to handle a mans dick

Almost any way you touch his penis will turn him on — if he's attracted to you, and The thing is that every guy is different in what they like most, and the timing and However you handle it, what you say or don't say can be crucial to whether.

"Anyone can learn how to touch a man, and if you start off knowing Traci, 25, found that teasing her man's penis added to his excitement.

If You Touch His Penis Like This, He'll Never Leave You. You felt accomplished, he felt satisfied, and once you learned how to blow him, you never jerked him off again. Rub your girl parts against him, preferably against his dick (remember high school?).

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you I don't have a penis. But I've had enough favorable encounters with male genitalia to make me a die-hard fan.