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This summer naked spelunking is coming to a cave near you! For the first time ever, Howe Caverns is hosting an adult only, nude event. The folks at Howe Caverns have been flirting with the idea of naked spelunking for years. That's exploring caves 15 stories below ground, in none.

Naked spelunking: Popular Upstate NY cave offers nudist tour by lantern light. Updated Jan 30, 2019; Posted Apr 29, 2018. Howe Caverns Adventure Park is.

The origin of all the other definitions for spelunking noun: The act of When a girl is naked and asleep under the covers and you get a flashlight (or a cell phone.

Cass and Shannon enter the labyrinth of pitch black caves, where they encounter rabid bats and deep drop-offs. | For more Naked and Afraid.