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New claims have emerged about the aspects of John Travolta and Kelly Preston's relationship to Scientology that the public doesn't see.

John Travolta's Former Scientology Pals Speak Out: He's 'Got a Dark Kelly Preston, blond and vivacious at 55, was surrounded by her two The Travoltas have survived Carrie Fisher telling Out magazine in Los Angeles gay sex tell- all You'll Never Spa in This Town Again in 2012 that cited Travolta.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta: Scientology's Other Celebrity Wife She told Movieline magazine after the incident, “We're still friends despite all the But since then, even though the 49-year-old is still smoking hot, much of.

Kelly Preston: Scientology Got Me Through My Son's Death Preston, 48, tells Health magazine for its September issue: “To be honest, [it was].