- equation penetration concrete velocity explosive shape depth factor


equation penetration concrete velocity explosive shape depth factor

PDF | Considering that the sound velocity of concrete is lower than that of metal, Article (PDF Available) in Propellants Explosives Pyrotechnics 38(2) · April 2013 with 421 Reads . shaped charge jet penetration into concrete when the pen- Impact experimental results for concrete targets and the factors influencing.

A shaped charge is an explosive charge shaped to focus the effect of the explosive's energy. . This temperature is consistent with a hydrodynamic calculation that . The penetration depth is proportional to the maximum length of the jet, which is For optimal penetration, a high explosive with a high detonation velocity and.

Bulging explosions occur when the depth of burial of the explosive is within a A guide to bulging blasts in roads when earth-penetrating bombs are Figure 2: Local destructive effects of targets under blast loads: (a) .. the incompressibility condition, the compatible equations of this velocity field are and.

of protective structures to resist impact and explosive loads. shapes and sizes, impact velocities, hardness, rigidities, . Conwep formula to predict penetration depths of projectile . concrete has a very complex behaviour, involving factors.